Fall 2021 LIVE shows will go on sale soon!!
Here are the dates and locations:

The San Diego Natural History Museum 7pmSept. 22nd and 23rd @ 7pm

The La Paloma Theater in Encinitas Ca.Sept. 25th and 26th @ 7pm

A single program will cost $15USD and has a rental period of 3 days. The bundle of 2 programs will cost $28USD and has a rental period of 14 days. Rental periods begin immediately upon viewing (ie as soon as the customer hits play), and customers can rewatch films as many times as they like within their respective rental periods. The programs are streamed on Vimeo (ie cannot be downloaded and then watched), so your customers must have wifi or an internet connection to view. If your audience has any technical difficulties, please direct them right to Vimeo for assistance: https://filmfest.banffcentre.ca/contact/support (via the help tab at the bottom of the bottom of the platform page). There are some excellent resources in the Vimeo help section such as How do I watch via Chromecast?, How do I watch on my SmartTV?, How to troubleshoot lagging videos etc).